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I ordered a valve cover gastket set for my bmw. right after I ordered then I called back to cancel the order, no more that 3 minuites later and they told me that the order has been shipped and I cannot cancel then hung up.

I called back again and was told that a request has been made to cancel the order, and to call back tomorrow. I called back and they tell me my order has been shipped and I should recieve it soon. If I want to send it back I have to wait for a authorization # and then send it back. these guys are india outsourced scammers. buyer beware you cannot cancel orders and their prices are not the lowest. their staff is also poor english speakers that know nothing about cars, because ther drive donkeys. stay away from them

Monetary Loss: $54.

Think Twice before ordering from Overnightautoparts


I bought over $600. worth of parts in one order from this company.

The heater core received was wrong. They said not to return part until receiving a "return authorization number" which they delayed sending which used up a great portion of the "alloted return time"...bottom line results?...they got paid plus got the part back...and I'm out $76.95.....Where I come from people that do business like this are called thieves.

It seems that they rely on the technique of "delay, procrastinate and play dumb" and hope that people are too busy to waste time struggling with them.

Overnightautoparts - Overnight Auto Parts

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I shopped a lot of times in the internet for auto parts since i live a busy life. with regards to overnight auto parts, they have a huge selection of parts and an user-friendly site.

ads and banners are only a few and lots of information for car n00bs are available. one time, i ordered some fender flares from them and it took about 3 days (they promised to send it in a week) for the parts to arrive. i was happy i was able to receive it early but unfortunately they sent me a wrong part (the fenders are for my dodge, they sent me chevy fenders). i informed them immediately and i was glad that the customer service were really sorry for the order.

they kindly asked me to wait for 24 hrs for the new order to arrive then they asked me to just send the wrong part to their warehouse, free of charge. when my order arrived, they are gave me a gift certificate and discount coupon which i could use for them again as a compensation for the inconvenience they have done to me.

i received a call from their customer service afterwards, apologetic still, inquiring about the arrival of the order and making sure everything was ok.

Judging from my experience as a online shopper, Overnight auto parts would rate "good" as their fault in shipping was more than compensated in their excellent customer service.



This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

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Overnightautoparts - I am very much pleased...

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I recently purchased a Catalytic Converter from Overnight Auto Parts. The service was cool I got some problem ordering the item from the site because I'm not really an internet savvy but I did not call their customer service for any assistance.

I was very easy navigating the site. I was able to order and receive the product on the time that was said while I ordered. I was expecting like a late deliver since that what my friends usually experience when they buy stuff online. but it didn't happen.

Good Job! Keep it up!

I would be going back in this place to make an order.


Ajmer, Rajasthan, India #606

I agree with you man!! I've been buying my car parts from them also and I really find the place very reliable.

They always have what I am looking for and they sell it in an affordable prices.

:) The fist time I ordered from them, they where able to impress me.. :)

OvernightAutoParts.com-- fast and reliable service!


just had enough of the auto parts online store, until i found overnight auto parts. i ordered a toyota repair manual as a gift for my dad who will be celebrating his birthday.

it was so true, the gift arrived on time, without any annoying calls from customer reps. i used to buy auto parts to other online companies, but never did they had such fast service as with overnight auto parts. what's irritating with other companies is their unfriendly staff, who obviously do not know what they were selling. at overnightautoparts, i never had to call them since the whole ordering and delivery process went on smoothly.

i will definitely recommend this to everyone. :)


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India #615

great site for shopping auto parts online. they've gave me the best customer service any one could ever ask. they were very attentive to their customer needs and they know what exactly are they selling-- what is it for, how to install, etc.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India #610

Agree with your review. I had the same great experience with them.

indeed fast and reliable service.

Overnightautoparts - Love it!

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Love my experience at overnightautoparts.com, I can say that overnightautoparts.com is an excellent site. I'd been into online buying for a couple of years, and i did experienced lot of difficulties in other online retailers, so i buying to them because they give a headache.

Then overnightautoparts.com is the only auto online retailer that I stick to. Basically because their products are really affordable and they have good service. Will recommend the site with my friends and relatives. You guys can check out the site also.

Hope that my review will be helpful to those online buyers.

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